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Atticus International

Atticus International – a venture of Shishu Niketan Public School, Chandigarh and a part of Suchinta Educational Society, is a pioneer in the field of Education.  With 60 Years of experience in imparting education, we have the ambition and dedication to provide an enjoyable and inspiring educational experience to children – one that will encourage and facilitate them to realize their full potential and enable their overall development. In pursuit of this goal, the School’s curriculum draws on the CBSE and the NCERT guidelines.

We at Atticus, ardently believe that every child is special and uniquely gifted by providing a congenial environment each one of them will flourish beyond imagination. It is our invariable attempt to connect and channelize the energies and capabilities inherent in each child through their active Participation and creative involvement, both within and beyond the classroom.

The School proposes to seek affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The innovative and ever-evolving curriculum that the CBSE offers will impart to children wholesome learning and developmental opportunities. The progressive curriculum of the CBSE and the pedagogical practices it promotes will go a long way in stretching the intellectual and creative capacity of every child. Through this comprehensive yet flexible curriculum framework, the School hopes to make a difference in the lives of children by enabling them to be happy and successful and by preparing them to practice responsible citizenship.

At Atticus International, children :


About how the world works and develop the curiosity to continuously explore new realms of knowledge, skills and values.


The infinite possibilities that the world offers and how they can develop themselves and positively impact the world.


Intellectually and physically, and evolve emotionally and spiritually, by making the most of their potential and energy.

Vision and Mission

“Our Future will be shaped by the Core Values that have defined our Past”


Atticus International is committed to academic excellence, endeavour to develop in its students a foundation of lifelong learning, integrity, personal responsibility, mutual respect and service to others.


To fulfill this mission, at Atticus International

  • we provide an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential
  • attract the best talent-students, teachers and facilitators from all parts of the world, without distinction of race, religion, caste or social status
  • maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, it must attain the highest academic standards
  • Aim at the holistic development of the personality of its students by creating-
    • develop a sense of integrity, ethics and honesty
    • develop Leadership, with a sense of team work and fair play
    • create awareness of environment
    • Be considerate of the less fortunate
    • appreciate a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure

Our Team

At AIS, we especially identify and hire teachers of exceptional quality for our children.Teachers whom we know truly care and are sensitive to your needs and the needs of your children, nothing less. Passionate and committed, they go the extra mile and will always put their best foot forward. Our teachers demonstrate a multitude of gifts and tremendous creativity and each is encouraged to develop her skills and talents to the fullest through various professional and skills development opportunities accredited at early childhood institutions, conferences and in-house workshops.

Given the strong curriculum framework and an experienced early childhood team comprising graduates, experienced local and overseas qualified professionals and former primary school teachers, our teachers enjoy their work and the children.

AIS is managed by a Principal and up to 2 vice principals who oversee daily operations, handle parent-teacher relations and supervise teachers, and supported by a team of Directors who administers staff appraisals and curriculum planning and ensures the high quality standards.


“If you are planning for a year, sow rice;
If you are planning for a decade, plant tree;
If you are planning for a lifetime, educate”

The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbibes them with values that govern all their choices in life.

For me, education does not mean providing answers. It means equipping the student with the means to find the answers for himself and within himself.

Education empowers students to discover themselves. The teachers support them in channelizing resources vis-à-vis their dreams, thus, sustainably generating civilized and productive human capital in line with our motto.

I am also fortunate to have an experienced and committed team, which has brought the school to its present stature.

My aim, is not only to be an able manager, but also to be a friend, philosopher and guide to students, on whom they can count on and trust at all times.

I, along with my team of dedicated faculty, intend to build on this strong foundation and raise the standard in all spheres.

Dr. Ashish Sharma

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